Sunday, January 15, 2012

Mom in Boston!

She was only here 36 hours, but much was accomplished!  There was eating: peanut butter sandwiches, shrimp, lobster, shawarma, french fries, toffee, a fancy afternoon tea...we are both still stuffed from this weekend.  There was also waiting for the 1 bus (does one ever not wait for the 1 bus?), watching Say Yes to the Dress Atlanta in jammies, and learning about sialic acid-dependent invasion.  I can't wait until the next trip, when I finally get her to the Cape, Maine, and Walden Pond. 

Gorgeous blue sky!

It's January 15th.   And the Charles is not frozen.  Insane.  Freeeeeeeezing winds, though, brr.

Sunset over Boston

Despite the lack of snow, and the fact that it was 50ºF on Friday morning, it is now cold out.  Even for us Minnesotans.  (it's currently 8ºF, feels like -9º windows are completely covered in condensation)


Mary Kay said...

I'm so pleased that your mom was able to visit you! There's definitely a family resemblance between the two of you.

Bridget said...

Me too! And yes, there's a bit of family that we look exactly alike. :)