Friday, June 29, 2012

Chelsea Market

The day of the jazz fest, we walked to Chelsea Market (apparently the home of the Food Network!  I have no idea until watching a rerun of The Next Food Network Star and on week 8, they set a camera challenge there!).  

Before you go, be forewarned...there are zillions of people at Chelsea Market.  And not near enough restrooms, architecture fail.  (though they do get extra points for making them unisex, the guys in line all looked very uncomfortably annoyed at the whole thing).

After perusing Chowhound reviews, we ended up at Amy's Bread for breakfast---with a biscuit, a giant caramel roll, and pain chocolate.  (not to mention fresh squeezed grapefruit and orange juice!)

As we sat down, the pointing had begun to start, the whispers under people's breath...  "What's with the flappers?"  "Look at them, I love New York City!"   "You look like you belong in another era!"

We explained to our admirers that we were headed to the Jazz Age Party---and people seemed mostly bemused about the whole thing. 

The former home of the National Biscuit Company, everything from saltines to oreos were once made here.

Now, the space is filled with an astonishing number of stores, from Fat Witch Bakery (they sell brownie ends!) to L'Arte de Gelato.  While the portions of our nocciola and chocolate gelato were measly, my well-seasoned traveler friend took a bite, sighed, and said longingly, "This is so close to real Italian gelato." 


Sprite said...

Oh, fabulous! This looks like such a great time, and your dress is wonderful. Of course, my favorite part is the pastries. What fun!

Anonymous said...

You guys look great, and like you're having so much fun! It sounds like a wonderful time :)

Bridget said...

Yes--it was so much fun! And wait til you see the pictures of the event, they'll be up soon. What a party! :)

Mary Kay said...

You two are the bee's knees - all dolled up and spiffy at Chelsea Market. I'm surprised that someone didn't put a handcuff (engagement ring) on you!

Can you tell that I'm trying to get in the spirit of the day by using slang of the 1920s?

Bridget said...

While there were dancing partners to be had, no rings were proffered! (ball and chain, I get it! quite the slang!)