Thursday, June 28, 2012


A couple weekends ago, I was lucky to spend a couple glorious days in New York City to help quite the crowd of revelers celebrate the annual Jazz Age Party on Governor's Island (more on the party in an upcoming post, complete with an absolutely crazy amount of photos).  We stayed at the Chelsea Lodge, a very cute brownstone on 20th Street and 8th Avenue, in a very tiny room, with a tiny shower and sink to match!

Bolt Bus!  And gas station booty for the rest of the trip.

New York City lights

So fancy!

Standing in the doorway.

Still standing in he doorway.  It's small.  My friend and I both loved staying here, but be prepared to get cozy.  Two girls sharing a full is certainly possible, but guys beware, you may not fit in the shower all that well...

The brownstones were just wonderful.

See the Penthouse and the trees?  I may be biased, but I think I like mine better!

Pre-war apartments.

I love the archway and the chevron pattern.

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Mary Kay said...

You two certainly did load up on some good snacks for the bus trip! The room at the Chelsea Lodge looks cozy but cute. And I agree, you have THE ultimate penthouse.