Tuesday, October 2, 2012

First Aid Kit

A lovely lady and I saw the Stockholm duo First Aid Kit last Friday.  They're a folky Appalacia-inspired sister set (they're 19 and 22.  I feel so unaccomplished).  They are a great live show, very talented musicians, that's for certain.

The Royale, a former opera house built in 1918, has a fabulous balcony making the concert wait a bit more tolerable for us old people** that don't like standing for hours. 

The nightclub owners left in some of the bling from the opera days:

Makes for a strange juxtaposition, that's for sure.

**Aimee, totally speaking for myself here, ha

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Aimee said...

Ha, I totally agree! I prescribe to the "if it's too loud turn it down" philosophy.