Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hurricane Sandy

The wind of Hurricane Sandy whipped and whistled through Boston all day yesterday, bringing with her flying leaves, giant branches, and tons of rain.  We were instructed to shelter in place, meaning no non-emergency travel outside the dorm.  I went into work briefly to take care of parasites and make sure that things were set for the storm (ah, the joys of being the environmental health and safety chair for my lab).  But I worked at home the rest of the day, cozy with tea as the hatches were battened.

1 pm, Monday October 29th
White caps on the Charles, and I could barely keep both feet on the ground!

6:45 am, Tuesday October 30th
wind map - it was so fascinating to watch the hurricane pass over the East Coast...

 1 pm, Tuesday October 30th

8:00 pm, Tuesday October 30th
Even now this evening, the wind in Boston is still associated with the hurricane system!  It's pouring, with a thunderstorm warning until later tonight.

8:30 am, Tuesday October 30th
Wet leaves on campus

I talked with a couple friends living in NYC, and one said he watched transformers blowing up in Brooklyn, and that he doubts the Subway will be up until Thursday at the earliest.  It's hard having to sit tight with all that going on around you, but here's hoping that folks are able to stay safe while things get cleaned up.  That mother nature...she always wins.

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