Monday, October 1, 2012

Art. On the walls. I know! drives my mother that I haven't put any art on the wall in my apartment.  She nearly went to a hardware store to buy nails and such while she was here and refuse to do anything until art was up.

But I did have solid objections to filling the walls; it's a small apartment, and on the darker/cozier side.  I don't want it to feel like a cave, ever.  I am an anti-Morlock.  If I ever build a house, you can bet there's going to be an entire side of the house with windows.  I also use an extra long twin day bed as my couch, meaning I sit on it with my back to the wall while watching a movie, and so on.  If you only put art above a person's height sitting down, it looks really, really strange.  And the thought of putting art on every other wall but above the couch would look awful. 

So when I had the luck to find a really interesting tutorial for a 3D art piece to put on the wall, it was the first time I've ever felt even a bit like that would work above my daybed/couch.  

And while I haven't officially settled on this (I want it all to soak in) -- it's definitely a possibility and makes me feel like I'm ready to take on the art-hanging step.

So, this week I'll live with my newspaper cutouts on the wall, making sure I like where things are, and then I'll talk to housing about getting things hung up (apparently some of the walls are concrete and you can't put pictures up?).  

The other side of the window is giving me trouble; the window isn't centered, so it's a little on the strange side to try and find something to put there...

The Switzerland map will go on the other side of the window.

And---after searching, I found a great tutorial for mounting a tablecloth on foamcore and displaying it.  When I go home for break, mom gave me permission to search through the myriad drawers of tatting, lace tablecloths, linens, and other pieces made by relatives in order to find a good fit for the spot above my bed. 

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