Thursday, January 3, 2013

Boston Tea Party Tasting

A lovely lady and I spent the anniversary of the Boston Tea Party at L'Espalier drinking teas that were dumped into the Boston Harbor that raucous evening.  As always, it was a wonderful experience.  Delicious food, delightfully aromatic teas, all presented by the knowledgeable host Cynthia Gold.  Pricey ($60/person) ---but I'll be back.  It's worth it.  (there's a hot toddy tasting on January 27th, I am so tempted!)


The firehouse punch of the evening - strong and perfect for a chilly day.



Mary Kay said...

A hot toddy tasting? That does sound tempting! I had one at the George V the other day that was served in a cup on a wine glass stem. It also had a "V" cut lemon peel and a stick of cinnamon in it.

Bridget said...

I know, so tempting!

George V sounds wonderful, I hope that's one of the spots Sara and I are able to see when I'm in Paris!