Sunday, January 13, 2013

Ward 6

My mom, brother, and I checked out a new restaurant on St. Paul's East Side called Ward 6 -- and it was a total winner.  I'm all about our required trip to hole-in-the-strip-mall Tea House for Szechuan every time I'm home, but this is a new favorite.

My grilled camembert sandwich with walnut butter, pears, and arugula was fabulous, mom's meatloaf was terrific, and my brother loved his reuben.  Add great food to an awesome local beer list and a friendly staff, you have a worthy new addition to St. Paul. 

(we also were lucky to hit this place before it was well-reviewed in the local paper, which will keep it busy for ages, but deservedly so)

After dinner my mom and I headed downtown for "Christmas of Swing," a show with a thinly-veiled plot giving theater-goers the excuse to listen to three lovely ladies and two gents sing the close harmony of wartime classics.  The onstage band kept the music going, and if you're a person that nostalgically watches White Christmas and Holiday Inn every year like myself, it's the show for you.


Eric said...

Thanks for the nice review-- glad you enjoyed yourself! --Eric, owner of Ward 6

Bridget said...

You're welcome! I look forward to my next trip home for some more delicious French fries and beer!