Sunday, January 27, 2013

Good eats in Philly!

From Kansai - the spicy girl roll on the right was the unanimous favorite (the peanuts on top!  wonderous!).  Also, Philadelphia has some strange restaurant quirks - the majority of them are cash only, and BYOB.  It was the first time I carried a bottle of wine into a restaurant...some even provide mixers and you bring the hard liquor!  (margaritas and tequila, anyone?  there isn't a corkage fee, though, so at least that was nice).  It just seemed so odd to me. 

Claudio's in the Italian Market.

We tried six different cheeses and several different meats, and the samples weren't tiny.  They were just enough to get a taste and enjoy.  Even better, our cheesemonger was thoughtful and took his time with us, we weren't rushed at all.  Formaggios, I love you, but I may have found a new favorite cheese shop!  We ended up buying a lovely hard cheese with salt crystals, a soft sheep's milk, and an inbetween cheese, not to mention speck, a salty dry aged beef, and salami.  We got so much food for $30, and it was worth every penny.  I am excited to get back to Philly and visit this place again.

Homemade tortillas and tortilla chips!

Be jealous.  This dinner was amazing.

Our last stop was Lolita for a restaurant week prix fix meal, and wow.  Delicious.  We all especially loved the posole, so I'm on the hunt for a recipe to try and replicate it.  The chili broth was just so warming, almost like pho.  I also had an appetizer with smoked salmon and avocado with jicama, and it was such a different take on the traditional lox (I've been craving a toasted bagel with lox and a schmear of cream cheese like crazy, and while this wasn't exactly what I was hoping for, it was great).

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