Saturday, February 9, 2013

Winter Storm Nemo

It's 10 am, Boston is experiencing wind gusts up to 30 mph, it's still snowing like crazy, and I am so glad to be inside, cozy and warm.  It's a perfect day to read a book, eat chili, and watch the snow come down.

I did venture up to the Penthouse to take some pictures, and even though I bundled up, I didn't end up going outside since the drift at the only door was four feet high. Alas, my bib snow pants are at home in Minnesota...


The table you see there is about waist high. The drifts at the other end of the courtyard are about six feet high!

This is the front door to the building - the snow has drifted so much that you can barely get out the door.

Most of the trees are actually bare because of the wind, but this one on the river side of the building is protected from larger trees, so you can really see how much snow we've gotten.  We're up to about 18 inches so far, I think.  Different sources are giving different totals, it's been so windy that it's hard to tell!

Now, the real problem that I see is because it was wet snow hovering around 32ºF, 33ºF, there is a slick layer of ice underneath all of the snow.  I originally thought that the Governor's ban on non-emergency vehicles ($500 fine!) was a little wussy...not anymore.  It is dangerous to be out there right now.


searchingforhome said...

Wish I was there to drink blizzard inspired cocktails and watch period dramas... alas. Next weekend! Stay safe!

Mary Kay said...

Oh my goodness. The view from the penthouse looks completely different than it did the last time that I saw it. Bundle up and stay warm!