Monday, February 18, 2013

Afternoon tea

As is probably obvious from the many posts I have on this blog about drinking afternoon tea, I love this confluence of good friends, warm drinks, and delicious food.  (afternoon tea with my mom in 2012, birthday tea in 2012, tea tasting in 2012, Boston Tea Party tasting in 2012).

Yesterday brought us back to the Boston Harbor Hotel, where they unfortunately have raised their afternoon tea prices to $39 (and that's without the champagne!).  It used to be $18, quite the steal, but now, it's just as expensive as L'Espalier. 






Still.  The location can't be beat, I would do anything to live in a place with those windows.


Mary Kay said...

Yum! Brings back good memories of our Spooky Tea at the Harbor Hotel! That's a big jump in price. I hope that they give you a little something extra to make up for it.

Bridget said...

It is a big jump in price...and I really didn't detect a difference in the food and such, maybe there were a few extra pastries?

searchingforhome said...

It really is a shame about the price :( Their tea really is sooo good though!