Monday, September 30, 2013

Hostels in Switzerland

I will say right off the bat that I was blessed to have my first hostel experience in Switzerland.  They're clean, they're well-situated, and the people were friendly.  And Sara said that whole families, instead of getting hotels, go for hostels since they're so much cheaper.  And while nothing in Switzerland was cheap (for one person in a four-person co-ed room, it cost 45 Swiss francs a night, or $48 US dollars) was far cheaper than any other options.

In Montreaux, we stayed about a mile walk from downtown at the Youth Hostel, and while there was likely a snafu with reservations, we...survived.  Sara swears she paid for two spots in a six person, all female room, but we ended up in an eight person coed room with a guy that snored like death.  Literally.  He had such severe sleep apnea that he would stop breathing once every minute or so, then hack his way into breathing again.  I almost got to the point where I got up and asked him if needed a doctor.  He was truly one sleep away from choking to death. 

And of course, one does not sleep well under such circumstances, so the next morning, bleary-eyed, we rolled out of bed and pretended to be awake for awhile (it kind of worked).  Swimming really did the trick in Vivey, but I was bone tired by that night, and thank goodness, it was a little quieter the second night. 

 Hostel number 1, in Montreaux.

Our next hostel was The Happy Inn Lodge in Interlaken, and the staff were all so pleasant and lovely.  We did end up in a six person, ladies only room the next day, but sadly, it was claimed by two of the LOUDEST Japanese girls I have ever heard in my entire life.  We asked them early in the morning, over and over, to stop slamming the lockers, and to quiet down.  It is part of hostel code to be quiet and whisper if someone is sleeping, no matter what time of day.  Apparently, these girls didn't quite know the rules.

So...even though I went hosteling in just about the tamest place in the world, it wasn't my favorite. Call me spoiled, call me entitled, or just call me particular, but I think I'm past the hostel stage.  I want a home base that is clean and predictable.  When I'm in a new place, I want comfort at home, not people half-dying in their sleep, keeping me awake in the process.  And showers that stay on for longer than six seconds.  Thank goodness I finally make enough money now to do this sort of traveling...find an apartment to rent, settle in, and spend the next two weeks wandering and eating.  Perfect.

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