Monday, September 2, 2013

From Paris to Montreux, Switzerland

The morning started out bright and early, with an illegal subway ride (the cash ticket machine was broken, so the teller just let us through) - and then a very, very quick walk to the station.


The gorgeous French bullet train. 


Our journey began at one of the many Paris train stations, and was interrupted by a switch to a Swiss train in Geneva.


We rode along the lake for about 45 minutes before arriving in beautiful Montreux.  Even though we visited during the busy summer season, Montreux (and nearby Vevey) reminded me of being up north at the cabin.  Everything just seemed to move blissfully slower.

General geography of Pairs to Montreux

A close up of the beautiful Lake Geneva (Lac Leman): Switzerland is on the top, and you can see the crescent-shaped lake span three famous Swiss cities: Geneva, Lausanne, and Montreux.  The view that you can see across the lake is therefore mostly the French Alps, the Swiss alps being behind us.

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