Saturday, September 14, 2013

Montreaux to Guggisberg!

Morning dawned sans fog over the Alps, so I finally got a clear view!



While I was continually astonished by the ease of travel in Switzerland, I could do without the rushing, and this morning was all about the running to catch trains, buy tickets, get money from the ATM (Switzerland is EXPENSIVE), running to catch another train...oy.  But!  Breakfast!

The cute little bus that took us to Guggisberg!  

Important pronounciation in the states, it's Goog-iss-berg.  In Switzerland, it's Goog-eese-bhairg.

A.  Hostel in Montreaux
B.  Montreaux
(local train)
C.  Lausanne
D.  Berne
(local train)
E.  Schwarzenburg
F.  Guggisberg

I think the most amazing part of this morning was that, although we left early, and although some connections were only two minutes, we were in the middle of nowhere 100 miles away from our starting destination, in the Alps, two and a half hours later.  Magic. 

If you're curious, the trip cost 55 francs (55 CHF = 55 Swiss francs; the CHF stands for Confoederatio Helvetica Franc, also known as what Switzerland calls itself).  This ends up in today's exchange rate to be about $60.  To be fair, this was just the ride to get there, the ride to get back to Bern and then on to Interlaken was about the same price, so the day's three buses and five trains cost $120. 

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