Saturday, August 31, 2013

Café de Flore

An art deco cafe with decor that hasn't changed since World War II, Café de Flore is the place to be if you're interested in having a drink next to the ghosts of Jean-Paul Sartre or Albert Camus.  And you never know, you may see Karl Lagerfeld or another current celebrity the table over.


We scored a coveted outside spot, though it did come with a creepy guy leering at us, smoking his cigar.

French cafes don't have lemonades, which is a bummer on a hot day until you realize they have a deconstructed drink called a citron pressé that you can order instead.  You're served freshly squeezed lemon juice, packets of sugar, and a carafe of water, so you can mix up your own lemonade, to taste.  Ice doesn't usually come with an order like this, so if you want things cold, be sure to ask "avec glaçons, s'il vous plaît." 


Need a housewarming/wedding/holiday gift for a friend that loves lemonades but has everything?  Food 52 sells a marvelous citron pressé kit that is perfect for summertime entertaining (currently out of stock, though, bummer).  Keep in mind, you can make this at home and customize however you'd can use sparkling water or iced tea, add some vodka or gin, and use herb simple syrups to make things even more complex.  But don't worry, the simple and traditional citron pressé is graceful and poised, and stands on its own quite well. 


JaneA said...

Your photos from Paris are so inspiring. And I'm so jealous! I'd love to be there right now. That lemonade looks divine, it's my favourite summer drink of all time. Lovely! X Jane

Bridget said...

Hi Jane! I'm glad you enjoyed them - it was truly a lovely trip!

And yes, citron pressés are wonderful. They're just so summery.