Friday, August 9, 2013

Americans in Paris on Fourth of July

Located on a lovely spot on the Seine since 1934, the American Church of Paris has been around for quite awhile, providing a slice of home for expats.  We visited for a chance to enjoy lots of red, white and blue! And watermelon.  Watermelon is key.



I coulda taught the watermelon-cutter a thing or two, I somehow ended up with a pyramid-shaped piece to eat...not very graceful, that's for sure.

All smiles!

Our second spot to enjoy the Fourth was a party on a boat next to the Eiffel Tower sponsored by the "Americans in Paris" meetup group.  And there were going to be hot dogs!  It sounded perfect.  

While the rose and view was lovely, this was probably the least American party I have ever been to.  Ever.  

Sara and I joked that we should have gone to the party with beer pong, because at least there would have been beer pong.  Instead, we ended up at a party with high heels and snotty guests, one so rude as to point out another gentleman's shorts and comment rudely about his lack of formal dress.  Seriously?  It's a Fourth of July party.  Shorts should be compulsory.  And there should be flip flops.  And summer hits!  It is not the most American of holidays until you hear Bruce Springsteen.  But here, the DJ played only clubbing techno, and when I went up to request the Beach Boys, I was politely turned away.  I mean, seriously.  There are remixes of American songs that would totally fit your clubbing theme, but no.  And the free hot dog ended up being only half a hot dog, and the only food available, which is completely un-American.  There should be so much food at a party that you're fit to bursting.  

All I know is that there is a definite need in Paris for a rocking July 4th party...a huge barbeque, beer, blasting music, everything.  The church get-together was great, but I really wish they had a green space outdoors, one with space for lawn games and sparklers.  If I'm ever back in Paris on the Fourth, I'm going to help the local ex-pat crowd.  Apparently they don't all barbequing in public parks (too bad, the Bois de Boulogne would be great) - but there has got to be a better way.  Are there any wealthy Americans out there that live outside of Paris that have a huge backyard that would be willing to host a Fourth of July bash?  Please?

The party boat on the Seine! 

Ma Tour Eiffel looks beautiful at night.


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