Thursday, August 1, 2013

Afternoon Tea at Number 16

It's no secret---I love afternoon tea.  It's such a wonderful way to sit awhile, enjoy someone's company, and the bonus that there's clotted cream and fresh scones...?  Well, it's certainly such a treat.  I guess that's why I have such a good time at tea, just sitting down and letting time pass feels so luxurious.  Compared to my normal afternoons, tea is just slow.  Slow, tranquil, and perfect.

Number Sixteen's tea was just this.

We had the whole garden to ourselves, and I could not have asked for a nicer afternoon.


And the tea!  Tea in London is just so much better than anywhere else. 


Scones.  Oh, these scones. 

The neon plates didn't really fit into the garden, but festooned with treats as they were, it didn't matter.

There is something so classic and delicious about a cucumber watercress sandwich.  Why don't I eat this more often?


As I sit here writing this, I can't stop thinking about how good this tea was.  I'll have to get back, some day!






TomW said...

I had always hoped to, one day, have tea in a proper setting. Then I saw "The Da Vinci Code" wherein Sir Leigh Teabing quizzed the protagonist about the proper complement to Earl Grey tea.

I would have failed.

Now I am scared about taking tea with with the wrong crowd since I now know I understand little about tea.

Looks like you two did okay.


Bridget said...

Well, the good thing is there are usually a couple places to try afternoon tea wherever you live...some even employ tea sommaliers whose sole job is to help you learn about good tea---so don't be afraid!

Mary Kay said...

It's almost time for afternoon tea in Paris! Now, if only I could find a place where everything is as tasty as it looks in your photos. I could really use a scone (with clotted cream, please!) right about now.

Bridget said...

Well, maybe after grad school I'll try and find investors for a chateau outside of Paris where I can make afternoon tea for guests...and I promise, I would go to England every week to get fresh clotted cream! (or find a nice farmer with happy cows and learn how to make it myself!)