Tuesday, July 30, 2013

We interrupt your regularly scheduled Europe posts so I can brag about my mom.

My mom works her tail off, and I wanted to take a moment to brag about the hard work she does for her students.  This past year, she coordinated the grant and donation of a jet from Fed Ex to be used as a classroom.  Awesome. 

...and of course, since she was the one who did the work to get the jet, she got to plan the party!  (lucky?  oh yes!).

The party to welcome the jet to it's final home made a big splash in the local news, too:

"At Farnsworth Magnet School, donated jet will be classroom" - from the Pioneer Press (local paper)

"New classroom - a Boeing 727 Jet" - video from the Star Tribune

"St. Paul's Newest Classroom is a Boeing 727" - from WCCO (our local CBS station)

"New Curriculum to Take Flight in Idle Aircraft" - from the Star Tribune (local paper)

Also - I didn't realize this until now, but their entire 280 person marching band is outfitted in bright blue flight suits.  How fabulous is this, seriously?  (photo from here)

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