Monday, July 8, 2013

An English Breakfast at Electric Diner

I'm not normally a person who eats savory food for breakfast...but for brunch, oh, I'm so game.


Sara and I timed things perfectly to get to our English breakfast at 11am, at a little place called Electric Diner on Portobello Road, a place I'd call the lovechild between Veggie Galaxy and Cafe Luna here in Cambridge.  Friendly service, great smells, and a mix of hipster and local clientele.  


We each got a pot of tea to tide us over while we watched the line cook make our breakfast.


And it was perfect, as tea in London is.

He fried lovely orange-yolked eggs on the flat top, broiled thick slices of tomato until perfectly warm and toasty, sauteed mushrooms in an obscenely delicious amount of butter, grilled the sausages until they crackled...the man was a pro. 


And I have to tell you, when the plate arrived, I looked at it and thought, "Wow.  There is no way I can finish this."  And despite my best efforts, I couldn't.  It was delicious, though, don't get me wrong.  The yolks in particular, runny over everything, oh my, so good. 


Oksana said...

I love runny yolks! I will def need to check this place out! :)

Oksana said...

I just realized this is in Cambridge CAMBRIDGE. Not like here. Haha. Still awesome.

Bridget said...

The ones at this place were so good. SO GOOD. I cannot recommend them enough. Maybe I'll do an English breakfast for Articles Club sometime...tough for the vegetarians though, hm.

Bridget said...

HA. Yes, this breakfast was in London. But Veggie Galaxy and Cafe Luna are in Cambridge, Massachusetts. :)