Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Drinks at the The Drawing Room at the British Film Institute and The Skylon

After a long day of wandering, drinks were on the docket with some of Sara's friends from high school, college, and two different grad schools.  Even though all four schools are scattered throughout the US and Europe, miraculously there was six of us out that night in London!  We lucked out and found a great setup in the British Film Institute (BFI).  

Within the bar just inside the BFI, there is an open doorway next to a bookcase that leads to a corridor that brings you to The Drawing Room, a somewhat-secret speakeasy complete with comfy chairs and books. 

The boys at the bar, ordering drinks -- despite a distinct lack of highball glasses effectively removing a quarter of the menu, I was able to find a lovely not-too-sweet St. Germain drink  (and yes, the bartender refused to serve highballs in different glasses...).

Gypsy Martini
raisin-infused plymouth gin
noilly pratt vermouth
st. germain

The around-the-world crew

Our second stop of the night was a short walk away, the Skylon Bar.  We had hoped to get a river view, but ended up farther in the back, oh well.

I liked drink number two even better, rhubarb and earl grey?  In a gin cocktail?  Yes please!

English 75
Brockman's Gin
Rhubarb liqueur
Lemon juice
Earl gray syrup

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