Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A Walk through Paris - The Marais

The word of the day was hot.  So hot.  Thank goodness for gelato!


I know the Musée de l'Orangerie isn't in the Marais, but we did begin our day out and about wandering through the art in this converted indoor orange grove.  Pictures aren't allowed in the main gallery, hence the lack of post about this lovely place.  However, if you like Monet, this is the museum with the amazing waterlily series "Nymphéas."  A must-see for impressionism fans, each of the eight canvases are about 7 feet high and 40 feet long.  Magical.  (there's a great article about the reopening of the museum in the New York Times)


I really wanted to jump in!







The famous L'As du Fallafel - although I can't find the online evidence for this, apparently the Clover Food Trucks in Boston found their inspiration in this tiny little falafel stand in the Marais.


Such a great sandwich.  The lightly pickled vegetables provide the perfect amount of acid to pair with the fried falafel.


Pistachio and nocciola gelato!


I think my new favorite thing to do while traveling is check out the thrift stores, like Free'P'Star

I've been searching for years for a ballgown that I could use to dress up as Sarah from The Labyrinth for Halloween...and of course, the closest I've gotten is the 35 euro number above!  Not bad, huh?  But way too poofy to try and cart along all day, and it's not quite close enough to be worth the hassle.  I did end up buying a vintage dirndl, so you can be sure I'll be ready to dress up next August 1st for Swiss National Day!


I can't believe I didn't take a picture of the full Pompidou Museum..but I blame the heat (ha).  It's a giant modern-looking piece of architecture smack dab in the middle of garrets straight out of Moulin Rouge.  All of the escalators are on the side of the building, offering an incredible view of the city!

Ma Tour Eiffel, plus you can see the skyscrapers of the business district of Paris in the distance.

Sacre Couer

How many pictures will there be of us girls and the Eiffel Tower?  Many. 


After Ile de la Cité, we stopped at Shakespeare and Company, an English-language bookstore right near the Sorbonne.



The busy Boulevard San Germain.

July 7th walk through Paris

A.  Hôtel de Ville Metro Stop
B.  Imprimerie du Marais
C.  L'as du Fallafel
D.  Pozzetto Gelato
E.  Free'P'Star Thrift Store
F.  Centre Georges Pompidou
G.  Notre Dame
H.  Shakespeare and Company
I.  Cafe de Flores
J.  Cluny-La Sorbonne Metro Stop


Mary Kay said...

I think this may be the only online evidence of the connection between L'As in Paris and Clover. A Falafal Sandwich - The Paris/Boston Connection I'm not sure that all of the people working in the truck know the story but you could ask the next time you visit their food truck.

Now I see why Sara and you were so excited about the gown! It looks beautiful on you.

Bridget said...

Aha, that must be where I saw it originally! Or Sara must have told me at some point? Either way, the similarities are definitely there.

It's funny, I'm the first person Sara has seen trying on a wedding dress, and she definitely had a "wow, now I kind of get why people can get so worked up with wedding dress shopping." (this may have been after I turned on Friday is Bride Day programming on TLC and kind of forced her to watch Say Yes to the Dress)