Saturday, June 12, 2010

Halloween plans

So - I know it's early. But yesterday in lab, Lady Gaga came up...and though she is pretty fly (we all agree she is an avant garde something-or-other, but we're not quite sure what). I mentioned that the nice thing is that pretty much anyone, guy or girl, could dress up as Lady Gaga...I mean, she's outrageous. And anyone can dress up and be outrageous, right? (and Corey Monteith did it, so it's obviously cool).

He replied, "She is on my short list. With Jareth from the Labyrinth."

Immediately, he began quoting all of these great lines from the movie, one that apparently only he and I had seen...let's just say my other labmates were a little on the confused side...

He did an absolutely perfect Hoggle, and I was sold to the idea that Sarah from Labyrinth during the ballroom dancing scene is a possibility. I mean, I can't pull off stick straight hair (let's be serious, I'd probably burn half of my fingerprints with a flat-iron, if I actually owned one). But--the 80s fro? Oh, I can do that.

Baller. Now all I need is someone willing to grow a David Bowie mullet, wear lots of eyeliner and don reeeeeallly tight pants.

Anyone? No? Ah well. Sarah...she walks alone and independent. Except for the huge crowd of muppets.

But yes...what do you think? Possible?

Now, Sarah's dress is an 80s wedding gown, no doubt. Now, you may be surprised, but it's almost the carbon copy of Princess Di's gown.

And you didn't believe true. (funny story---my mom and her friend were road-tripping across Canada, normally camping, seeing wilderness, all that...and they stayed at a hotel the night of Di's wedding so they could get up at 4 am and watch the festivities.)

So yes - I figure I scout out a crazy 80s dress from a thrift store, put on every piece of rhinestone jewelry I own, poof out my hair, and I am set. I am so ready for October.

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