Sunday, June 13, 2010


The photos on my computer are a mess. Things from high school are mixed in with photos from my childhood (the few that I have scanned), Mostly, anything before 2010 is either misfiled, recopied about eight times with different time stamps (wtf, apple?) mislabeled...and frankly, I just plain miss out.

But, I've been making slow progress on merging photo albums, deleting things I don't need, sprucing it up, all with the goal of a shiny photo storage unit that has albums of my favorite pictures from every year of my life. Things that meant something. I have loved putting up my 2010 pictures on Flickr because they order it sequentially, and it shows my life happening, almost in real time. It's lovely.

So, early this morning, I turned on a podcast (NPR's Planet Money!), grabbed some Bilar (thanks Ikea!) picked a random place in my event history in iPhoto, and got to it. And then I found this:

This is me. In the Caprice. In the middle of jumping my car. In my concert dress for an orchestra concert my freshman year of college. That was happening in, oh, half and hour. My face is incredible...I do not remember this picture being taken. I feel like I've unearthed this great memory of me just bursting out laughing because hey---what else do you do?

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