Sunday, March 23, 2014

Boston Eats: Late Night Ramen at Uni

A lovely lady had her belated wedding reception downtown this past weekend, and wow, so much fun!

Ladies of the lab (and Jeff?)

Of course, late nights downtown (obviously) mean late night ramen at Uni!  Be warned, they've transitioned to a midnight start time, the patrons paying top dollar at Clio were getting a bit tired of drunk riffraff.  But, if you're stuck waiting, I can heartily recommend sitting at the bar, they know their stuff.  And if you're polite and well-behaved, they'll give you a booth in the upper restaurant and have you first on the list for a steaming bowl of noodles.  

Shisito peppers and bonito flakes (erhmygodsogood).  9/10 are just a pleasant tingle, but that 1/10 will make your mouth burn, it's like pepper roulette. 

Pork bun!

While we were there, the clock turned over to midnight, and Jim joined the land of 28-year olds.  I don't know of many better ways to start a year than with ramen. 

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