Thursday, March 27, 2014

Boston Eats: Scholar's Bar

Before the ballet, we had hoped to grab burgers, fried pickles and beer at JM Curley's, but they were all filled up, so we had to find another spot. 

But luckily, Scholar's Bar was just a short walk away.  While it was definitely busy with the Friday night crowd, we were able to get a table, and thank the stars they had fried pickles.  I'm certainly not normally a fried food person, but it's hard not to make an exception for fried pickles.  For a burger and fries, a flatbread pizza, two orders of glazed carrots, beet salad, tuna tartare, fried pickles, two orders of bacon bourbon brussels sprouts, apple pie a la mode and a cocktail each, it was the perfect amount for five girls - no leftovers, and it cost an even $30 with tip.  Perfect. 

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