Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Dim Sum Study Break

One of my favorite study breaks is a trip off campus to Chinatown for some Cantonese deliciousness...the best part is, the more people you have, the better it is!  Hei La Moon is my personal favorite, but there are lots of other options around Chinatown.  They're unfortunately not vegetarian- or allergen-friendly, there's shellfish in pretty much everything.

Starting at the bottom right, we have wrapped meat and rice, then going clockwise there's tripe, phoenix talons (chicken feet), short ribs, hot tea, fried pork buns, more wrapped meat, and then in the middle is (my favorite) scallion and chive shrimp fried dumplings.

All smiles, so much deliciousness to be had!

The arch!

They ran out (!!!) of sweet pineapple buns at Hei La Moon, so of course we had to go buy some at the store across the street.  For 80 cents.  So worth it. 

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