Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Boston Eats: Kirkland Tap and Trotter

The next stop on our epic Union Square journey was Kirkland Tap and Trotter, Tony Maw's outpost on Washington Street and Beacon Street in Somerville (Beacon is the same street as Hampshire coming from Inman Square).  Eric and I went to an epic (EPIC) meal at Craigie last year, so trying the more casual eatery seemed like a good way to spend our Saturday night. 

We loved the gardens, chickens, and mural (it's hard to see, but it says "Looking for something exciting never gets old"). 

We sat next to their open kitchen, and I gotta say...this guy is all about making order from chaos.  Color me impressed.

I ended up having the special, grilled octopus.  The texture of succulent charred suckers took the win for strangest bit of the night, but it was quite the tasty meal.

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