Friday, June 13, 2014

First and last adventures in Boston

Sara's first day back in Boston was essentially my favorite day ever...thrifting in Allston with Thai and bubble tea.  We hit up Buffalo Exchange, and both did exceedingly well.  I finally found a white eyelet cotton dress, something I'd been trying to find for years.  And, I got talked into buying a much shorter lacy white dress, and I fell in love with a neon pink blazer.  Sara found an array of shirts, shorts, and dresses in her navy/coral/olive color palette, all for a much less expensive price than things in Europe. 

Then, I lucked out at Urban Renewals, finding a 1942 book of maps that will be perfect for framing.  And yes, if it was in any sort of shape to keep as is, I would, but the binding is just about destroyed.  It's ready for a new purpose. 

Look at our haul!

A perfect day to walk across the bridge.

Sara had about an hour between getting back from Vermont and heading to the airport, so she decided getting a bit of caffeine to get her through to the plane was necessary.  So, we headed off to her favorite place and enjoyed the lovely weather and the fresh-cut grass.

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