Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Boston Eats: Afternoon Tea at The Langham

I had already been to the Langham for their famed dessert bar, so when Sara came back into town and we needed to find a place for tea, I suggested we try a new tea place!

My camera apparently thinks the chair was more important to focus on than me. 

Ambiance - This tea is held in the lobby of a hotel.  It's a fancy lobby, of a fancy hotel....but it's still a lobby.  It's just not what one is looking for in a quiet afternoon of chatting.

Waitstaff - Nothing noteworthy either way.
Savory - Large portions, and good.  Not outstanding, but not bad, either.

Sweet - I was really shocked by how...strange the sweet goods were.  There was a weird mousse-cream hybrid that was just off, and the others were simply okay.  I had expected to be blown away after my experience at the chocolate bar, and frankly, hoping that tea would be a perfect blend of desserts sans the DJ experience.  In fact, we went up to where the dessert bar had been, and there's a lovely sitting room that's light an airy, and a much better place to hold an afternoon tea.  But instead...strange pastries in the lobby. 

Scones, clotted cream, and jam - Really, really good clotted cream.  The scones and clotted cream were the highlight of the tea.  And the scones were hot and well-insulated to maintain their freshness.

Tea quality - The breakfast blend was good. 

Cost - $36 per person, served daily from 2-7 pm

Overall - To me, the lackluster desserts and the lobby ambiance make it lower on my priority list for teas.  That said, the fact that they offer afternoon tea service from 2-7 pm every day does make it the most widely-accessible tea in Boston.  I think it's a good option if you're constrained by time, but otherwise, I'd choose somewhere else. 

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