Sunday, February 9, 2014

Boston Eats: Dessert Bar at the Langham Hotel

Two of the lovely ladies from my lab were married in December---one in her home country of  Colombia and the other in her now-husband's home country of India.  Because I couldn't make either of the ceremonies, I figured having a day to celebrate was in order.

And wouldn't you know, the Langham Hotel hosts a dessert bar every winter!  Unlimited desserts?  Totally our idea of amazing.

The meal costs $45 and includes a beverage (coffee, tea, or soda), and as many desserts as you can possible consume.

Chocolate fountain, and trays and trays of sweets!

From top left - sticky toffee pudding, chocolate orange pot de creme, banana caramel cake, pecan pie, chocolate truffle on a stick, chocolate crunch, raspberry mousse, maple bacon chocolate tart with meringue, coconut ball. 

Erika's plate - apparently the coconut rice pudding was amazing!

Pastry swans, my goodness.

Did I mention there was ice cream?  Cause there was ice cream.  And crepes.  And chocolate cookies with milk.  And cotton candy.  

So good.

Friend, me, bride, friend, bride!  (notice all of us in our boots?  It was a total slushfest that day!)

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