Monday, February 3, 2014

A Salon Concert

I'm currently playing in a woodwind quintet with a group of grad students here at MIT - we practice up in the Penthouse, play hard, laugh a lot, and come up with really silly names for ourselves (we still haven't chosen one, though a particularly funny one is the "Late Night ER Run Quintet" after a rather unfortunate incident that resulted in the tip of our clarinet player's thumb being cut off...oops).

We held a salon-style concert in one of the fancy living rooms on the first floor of the dorm, and I have to say, it was such fun!  Audience members lounged on couches and comfy chairs, and we decided to wear "opposite fourth grade concert dress"---just for fun (concerts when you're young are almost always black on the bottom, color on top, and we decided to switch it up).

Britta on flute, Emily on clarinet, me on French horn, Sarah on bassoon, and Paul on oboe.

I will say, though, my face was just about gone by the end of it.  In orchestra, you have far more rests than you do in a woodwind quintet with just five people playing there. 

Our programs was quite a mix, from super modern to Klezmer (none of these below are us, but these are the pieces we played).

Quintet Number 2 - by David Maslanka

Klezmer Dances - arranged by Gene Kavadlo and Adam Lesnick

Roaring Fork - by Eric Ewazen

Libertango - by Astor Piazzolla

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