Friday, February 7, 2014

Europe Trip, by the numbers

taken by Sara - I can't really emphasize how much I love this photo!  A castle during the golden hour...I was there! 

Number of photos taken:  3216

Average number of photos taken per day:  201

Amount of time it took for me to finish editing photos: 17 weeks

Number of edited photos that ended up on Flickr:  767  (23% of total)

Number of blog posts:  55

The Japanese Bridge in Monet's Garden!  (taken by Sara)

Total cost of the trip:  $2581.68
This includes three days overnight in London, three days overnight at hostels in Switzerland, food, airfare, gifts, everything except my housing in Paris and the generous meals, transportation and museum passes given by my wonderful hosts!  I tried to go through and figure out what the cost breakdown was, but I'll have to do better next time notating where I spent what.  I do have the information on the money I needed in each place for cash:

London:  $240
Switzerland:  $490 (partly due to train tickets, but Switzerland is expensive!)
Paris:  $331

ATM fees were $6-7 per transaction. 

And I should say, this trip was sponsored by my parents, a gift for graduating from undergrad.  Looks like I still have some left over for my next trip!  Thanks mom and dad!

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