Saturday, August 16, 2014

Penthouse Garden 2014

A strange growing season, to be sure - spring was wet, June was dry, July started with downpours, August was cooler, and now it's looking like it will get humid and hot (joy).  But, after the rain finally came in July, the herbs finally started to recover and grow.

Great performers
Oregano, sage, chives, chocolate mint, rosemary (bought new plants this spring), cilantro, thyme.

Okay performers
Borage, dill, tarragon, hyssop, spearmint, peppermint, feverfew, marjoram

Just the bergamot!  But I've had trouble with that side of the penthouse, though the sage and tarragon did well. 

And of course, the whole "Always Windy in the Penthouse" thing makes it nearly impossible to take good photos...I feel like I've taken about 400 this year, to very few that are actually decent.

My other project this summer was to make up fact sheets to put in the elevator to introduce the girls to the plants in the Penthouse, and how to use them.  The dining hall is the main consumer of the herbs, but I've always wished the girls would cook with them more often, and see them as accessible.  Fresh herbs are great, plain and simple.

Borage flower


Tangle of chives

Strawberry blossom!


Chocolate mint



Thyme (I just love the colors here)


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