Friday, August 8, 2014


I had the honor of surprising a lovely girlfriend of mine for her birthday - and what fun was had! 

Since the party was on a Friday, I didn't have a chance to bake.  But with Flour Bakery nearby, I picked up treats, Central Bottle's cheese and bread were perfect, and Trader Joe's filled in the rest. 

The key to a good summer spread is having vegetables and fruit to go along with cheese and bread.  I thinly sliced some golden beets, soaked them in water overnight to make them crunchy and perfect for dipping, and cut up some kohlrabi and zucchini to add to our colorful spread  Add blueberries, and figs, plus some marcona almonds for crunch, oh, it was perfect.

Taken from here.  Happy birthday, Lo! 

(also...nothing is better than birthday brownies and birthday beer.  This girl, she has smart friends!)

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