Sunday, January 25, 2015

Boston Eats: Ames Street Deli

Backbar's newest outpost, the Ames Street Deli, is much closer to home and easier to get to...I do adore Union Square, but getting to and from there is a pain.

The last time I went, I ended up taking the wrong CT2 bus to get there (there are two, and they leave from the same stop at Kendall, and I'm sorry, I didn't know there were two!).  And then, the MIT Saferide decided to be three minutes early and turning the corner just as I was halfway through the intersection, so I missed the bus back to MIT on an evening when it was 17ºF and feeling like 1ºF.  Walking back 45 minutes is not an option, and no city buses go back to MIT that time of night.  And I'm a luddite and don't have a smart phone, so yes...Union Square is a huge pain.

However.  When you go, they do things like when you order tiki, give you this glass.  Look at it, and look again.

Notice anything, err, large?   This is a tanuki, or Japanese racoon dog, a shapeshifter from locol folklore.  One of the eight traits of the tanuki is "an over-sized scrotum that symbolizes financial luck."  

Ha.  Best drinking mug ever.  

Anyways - it was lovely to finally get in the door to their sister bar and have some drinks!

They have a really cool drink menu, one that compares options based on the spirit and a general characteristic. 

I went for the Cape Peru Fizz, under fruit and refreshing.  Pisco, cranberry, lime, and egg white.  All kinds of delicious.

Not shown: poutine, which was more like open faced toast with melty cheese and pulled pork with gravy.  Delicious, but not at all poutine. 

My favorite thing to do: order something tiki.  This is a Trader Vic's Mai Tai!  So delicious.

Somewhere in the point of conversation "drinking chalice" came up, so our waiter brought one of my friends a gurgle pot.  Isn't it fun?  

(the little glass on the left has incredible expensive amaretto in it, maybe amaretto saliza?  it was so tasty, like marzipan in a bottle!)

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