Thursday, January 1, 2015

Minneapolis and St. Paul Theater: Hello Dolly at Chanhassen Dinner Theater

My first morning in Minnesota?  Stuffed berry French toast and cajun bacon.  So.  good.

For the first day back, we went to see the musical Hello Dolly at Chanhassen Dinner Theaters.  One of the favorite parts of any night is always looking in the back of the program and thinking about dinner theater shows past - this one with grandma, this one with mom and Eric, this one way long ago...

Add that to a discussion about the unfortunate fact that the vast majority of musicals we grew up knowing and loving are some combination of racist, sexist, yikes.  My name is Bridget, and I'm getting my PhD in Engineering, yet "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers" is one of my favorite musicals.  They sing a tune about the rape of the Sabine women.  They steal women from their beds.  

I have no idea why I like this musical so much.  Howard Keel's dulcet tones?  I guess, but he's essentially Gaston.  Brawny, jerk, does not understand women at all.  And yet.  Still one of my favorites.  Heavens. 

(other favorites at our table: Music Man, 42nd Street, Singin' in the Rain)

Also: ice cream drinks. 

I'll be honest: this was not our favorite Chanhassen show.  There was some great dancing, and some moments where Dolly was just spot-on.  But it just wasn't quite there. 

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