Saturday, January 3, 2015

Minneapolis and St. Paul Theater: Buddy Holly at the History Theater

The next day was a completely different show, something the entire family enjoyed. Keep in mind: if the venn diagram of my brothers and I doesn't have a lot in the middle, the one of my entire family has even less in the very center, at least when it comes to books/music/TV/general interests.  Mom hates fantasy and science fiction, yet all three of her children are enthusiastic consumers of the genre.  Dad?  Oof.  Car and Driver is his main reading material.

But Buddy Holly?  That was a perfect fit for all of us.

Fascinating thing: ask the people in my family where the old science museum is.  

Mom and dad say "Oh, it's now the history theater and McNally School of Music."  Cue the stories about my mom ushering, about the dinosaurs hung from the ceiling, etc.

Eric and I say, "Oh, it's now the Scientology Center.  Winner for most ironic building.  Ever."

Jacob says, "There was an old Science Museum?"

While everyone knows how it ends (American Pie), it's an incredible story to see unfold on the stage.

Guess which child was tired of family pictures?  Ahem.

Following the show, we went to Lake Elmo Inn for dinner: fancy and delicious, as always.

Their famous ornament collection!

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