Thursday, March 26, 2015

Boston Eats: Ames Street Deli

One would think that working on a thesis would require an equal amount of drinking, but unfortunately my constitution doesn't agree with frequent drinking.  If it did, Ames Street would definitely have become another place to be a local.  Between the wonderful cocktails and the fact that it's a a four minute walk from work, it's great.  

I will say: their food prices are a little high for the small portions.  I just wish they consistently served bread and butter or some other carbohydrate-based treat to go with their excellent cocktail menu.  I can't handle two of their cocktails without something to nosh on, and one can't really get filled up on their petite options. 

The other bonus?  Science Trivia on the first Monday of every month.  Above you see the venerable Dr. Eric Lander, a founding member of the Broad Institute (the folks that did part of the human genome project).  He's also known as one of the best professor-educators at MIT, and was a great sport for this Star Wars-themed trivia night.  Questions about the units of parsecs, the organelle connected to midi-chlorians, and others were greeted with laughs and good cheer.

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