Sunday, March 22, 2015

Boston Eats: Sarma

Part of my birthday + hey guys I finished my thesis draft!!  celebration was an early bird dinner at Sarma up in Somerville.  It was a perfect way to get out of work early (well, 5 pm) on a Friday, and just spend some lovely time with girlfriends.

I had an amazing concoction, the Carum.  It had aquavit and yogurt in it, if you could believe it.  What a great idea.

Sarma does small Middle Eastern mezze, and while many are on their menu, many are brought around as house specials that evening, almost like dim sum. 

We thoroughly enjoyed the crispy fried chicken (brought around, not on their menu), beef jerky, cypriot raviolis, deviled eggs--it was so fun to have such a variety of tastes, all in one meal.

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