Friday, September 18, 2015

Stillwater Antique Shopping

A long tough day of antiquing means lots of wandering and spying to the backs of cluttered shelves, looking to find the next find, and usually drooling over things I have no space, use, or money's the best.  

I ended up with:

--two volumes by James Whitcomb Riley, a cousin from my grandmother's side of the family
--an awesome set of eight green/orange/red flowered glasses in a wire rack
--two sets of four tiki drinking glasses with patterned wood on the outside
--an ah-mazing revolutionary dude with a tri-corner hat mug; he is absolutely going to be for making Boston punches once he's out at my place

I have been really bad at taking photos of my finds since I've gotten home - things tend to get packed and stay packed.  But just you wait, internet.  My bar is going to shock and amaze once it's finally set up. 

An important component of antique shopping: refueling!  We ended up stopping at Smalley's Caribbean BBQ for lunch, and things were tasty but sadly lacking in fried plantains.


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