Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Twin Cities Eats: Northgate Brewery, Wander North Distillery, and Brooks High Beer Battered Food Truck

The strange neighborhood of Minneapolis known as the quarry houses mostly industrial buildings, with a smattering of other companies, including breweries!  Especially after hearing the combination food truck + brewery, we knew we had to check it out. 

We ended up starting our evening with cocktails from Wander North, a place we didn't even know was there.  And what a great place to stumble upon, delicious simple cocktails that showcased their vodka and gin.  Although, I saw the flavors in the gin and told the bartender I was now craving an Army Navy and he looked at me like I was a weirdo.  I brought up the recipe on my phone and he said, "Wait, you made it up?" and I started to be reminded that I'm not at Green Street or Drink or Ames Street.  Definitely a Minnesota lesson: just order a gin and tonic and shut up and enjoy it. 

Next, we got food from Brooks Beer Battered Food Truck - on the whole, it was delicious.  Great walleye, tasty slaw, and those cheese curds, nom.  The wild rice was really undercooked, but the flavors were good.

Even better, we enjoyed our food in Northgate Brewery with a beer, and the kind of trivia that made me feel like an idiot.  Things that we could not do: identify any of the internet meme cats (except Grumpy Cat).  Oof. 

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