Monday, November 16, 2009

Apartment update

Now that I've been living in my apartment for three months, I thought I'd post an update now that I have...actual furniture!

Outside of my room - go Gophers! (Thanks for the poster, Mom!). And the letters above the bulletin board are...wait for it...needlepoint. I made them when I was eight.

Now, going into the room, you can see part of the kitchen. And the poor linoleum, which never really gets truly clean.

And there's the rest of it - the new desk, the couch/daybed, and my table and chairs!

Looking towards the bedroom from the front door.

A better shot of the desk and table.

The daybed/couch. It needs more pillows badly. But this is what I've got right now.

Another picture of the desk - love that chair!

Standing next to the desk looking into the kitchen.

Standing next to the desk looking towards the kitchen and the bedroom.

Looking into the bedroom.

The new bed!

I love my pintucked duvet. I really need some art, though. Badly.

My beautiful view of Ashdown (an old Boston hotel next door that is currently being renovated to be a new undergraduate dorm). I can see the Prudential Building from the window, as well!

So yeah...most awkward space ever. Still working on this, obviously. I like the idea of an old map from a school room, but I haven't come across one yet.

Looking back at the kitchen from the bedroom door.

Looking straight ahead while standing in the door to the bedroom.

There we have it! Definitely not done yet...I need art, something to cover the top of the filing cabinets in the living room, a headboard, and to figure out what in the world to do with the space in my bedroom. But---it is definitely an improvement! It feels a lot more like home.


Rachel M. Slough said...

This is beautiful! I am so impressed!

Chris said...

I love the desk and the surrounding shelves... where did you find it?? The apartment looks incredible! You should help me reorganize mine :) (I also need art badly.)

Bridget said...

The desk/bookshelf combo is very similar to designs at both Target and Crate and Barrel:

....but I found it in the basement of McCormick in unclaimed storage. It was at the very very back, and covered with about an inch of dust. It had obviously been there for awhile, abandoned by its former owner. It is now in a much happier place!

muffin said...

Which mattress did you end up getting?

Bridget said...

I ended up with the full size pillowtop from Boston Bed Company ($550). It has been pretty comfy so far - more squishy than I like, I think, but these things are hard to find out. It'll be helpful to know for the future, though.

And I will have that beautiful organic/natural/wonderful bed some day, but right now it's just not in the cards.

Petergaye S. Kisielewicz/ Yahgie said...

I am loving the ladder bookshelves. Good job in your Apt.

Eric said...

So, How much did you spend on glass mason jars? And We want a list of contents.

Bridget said...

The large ones are $6, the middle are $5, and the small are $ not really all that much.

Contents: flour, sugar, brown sugar, powdered sugar, basmati rice, homemade granola, oats, cheerios, pretzels, popcorn, cous cous, wheat flour, split peas, cornflakes, pancake mix, quinoa, a sort of cereal, arborio rice, four different kinds of pastas...that's about right.

Sara said...

yay for furniture! i LOVE the desk...a lot. and the whole linoleum that's never quite clean, i feel ya. i have a huge kitchen full of it. slightly reminiscent of Roosevelt, eh?