Friday, November 6, 2009

the grant is in!

With all of this grant application stuff going on, I've been looking at my resume. I had a funny realization (one I haven't thought about for awhile) and it's that I have actually accomplished things.

It sounds perhaps a bit silly and self-gratuitous, but being at MIT doesn't necessarily help one feel like a total rockstar sometimes. And while this keeps you from becoming an arrogant jerkface know-it-all, it also can make you feel really really stupid. And I do appreciate such a trade-off, truly. I love being at a place where everyone is so brilliant and so talented and creative that I have nothing to do but feel inferior and therefore learn from their successes and be pushed along to my own accomplishments (which, as anyone in grad school will tell you, takes lots of time. See PhD Comics for more on this subject).

But to have little reminders now and again that I'm not a failure...well, that'd be cool. So, thank you CV, for serving that purpose.

And now that I've signed sealed and delivered the grant, I think it's time for a movie (Seven Brides for Seven Brothers projected on the wall of the "Green Living Room" of McCormick...yeah, that's right. We also have a "Brown Living Room" and "Date Room A" and a "Country Kitchen" -- don't you wish you lived here?)

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Pretty Little Pictures said...

My partner is currently applying for scholarships to do his phd and he mentioned something very very similar :) Maybe i need to update my cv!!