Thursday, April 15, 2010

bed? bed?

1. Oh. my. god. I want to take my eyeballs out of my eye socket, clean it with a golf ball cleaner, and pop it back in. Seriously, urban planners...stop being lazy and plant female trees! This pollen thing is killing me!

2. I'm waiting up for Sara's plane to come...and I can hardly keep my eyes open. I think this means I need to sleep more.

3. MIT students must be afraid that they're losing the geeky/nerdy title to some other school, so they decided to do this:

Goodness me. Well, you're not losing the title now. Jeez.

4. Can I go to the beach now? No? Shoot.

5. How about now?

6. Boston, why is it cold and rainy again? I still don't have new boots. Come on now. Be nice. I have a guest!

7. The typewriter is settled in and pretty. One of my students was convinced that it had been here all year, it fit in so well! Pictures forthcoming.

8. Mr. Sandman:

Pomplamoose. Heck yes. Night all.

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