Tuesday, April 13, 2010

wistful thrifting.

This wonderful lady (an incredible entrepreneur/letter-presser/vintage shop owner) is coming to Boston, and is planning to go thrift store shopping for her shop, west+plum. And all this makes me think of is how long it has been since I've gone "real" thrifting! (as in, stores that are more than a mile away and not on the way to the grocery store). Travesty, I say.

However, I was able to find some beautiful pyrex teacups last weekend (the addiction continues), as well as a 1960s copy of Black Beauty. Now I just have to find time to head out to Allston or JP...maybe Sara likes bubble tea and will indulge me? We'll just have to see!

I also convinced a labmate that visiting the Brimfield Antiques Market would be great---and he is thrilled with the plan. The Niles Lab...now crazy-antiques-huntin', blueberry-pickin', shotgun shootin', documentary watchin' fools. Love it.


Kyla Roma said...

Oh pyrex teacups? /swoon

I really want to start a collection of vintage pyrex and of vintage high ball glasses. I'm going to be a big enabler in this department, be warned lol

Bridget said...

They're lovely. And wonderful to drink from, as well!

I now have them in white:


old town blue:


and butterfly gold:


I have two extra of the old town blue, so if want some help starting a collection, just send me along your address. :)