Friday, April 9, 2010

spring break 2010!

[sorry for the delay...but life happens]

Eric's first words to me: "Bridget, I heard TWO different people use the word wicked in a sentence on the subway. As in, "wicked awesome" and "wicked sweet." I love it."

Eric arrived in Boston just in time for a quick dinner before the orchestra concert and my subsequent birthday party. I tetris-ed about 25 people into my tiny apartment, which ended up being quite a feat in itself. My fridge full of beer was made less full of beer, and the corn fritters were a hit! (so was the ice cream dessert, though no surprises there! it's like midwestern crack. Anything with chex mix is).

And to set the stage, Eric also came during monsoon season here in Boston (over eight inches of rain in four days). And my boots leaked. And the second pair of rainy day boots I use...uh...also started to leak. Excellent. Basically, we spent a lot of my time with really, really wet feet. And Eric asked every so often, "Hey Bridget, guess what?" "What?" "It's raining." (he also asked what time it which I respond, "Time for a beer." And then the fridge was even less full of beer).

Saturday was burgers at Bartley's in Harvard Square, and trying to peek into the Hogwarts Dining Room (and getting soaking wet). The general feel is that yes, the yard is pretty, and yes, MIT doesn't really care about looking "pretty." We went home and both took a nap and had some was the perfect day for it. We sojourned back into the rain for my birthday gift to Eric--a BSO concert with Hilary Hahn. Now, this is why I love my brother...they guy djs, goes to about a zillion concerts, and just loves music. You'd think a guy like that wouldn't really be into classical, but he said, "You know, if people only really listened to classical, they'd find some really cool things; I mean, at one time Mozart was considered radical and crazy, and no one thinks of him that way now. And seriously...there is good classical music, and there is bad classical music, just like there is good rap and bad rap. End of story."

[sorry for the blur; couldn't get a good shot]

See why I like him? =Awesome.

Sunday was a sleep-in day followed by a restaurant week lunch at Melting Pot. Terrible service, but the tempura steak was great. I made bbq meatballs for my brother, and hey---he ate them and liked them! Proof I can cook meat. So there, non-believers.

Monday was spent in lab with a lunch break at Locke-Ober, a Boston old boy's club with wood paneling and quite the snooty ambiance. Let's just put it this way...our waiter didn't ask us which kind of bottled water we wanted...he just gave us water from the tap (which he did to the other tables around us, of course. We did not fit in).

[outside of Locke Ober]

Ha. Isn't that jacket classy? Yeah, Eric makes a great Bostonian.

I worked the rest of the afternoon, and Eric interviewed the GAMBIT Lab for a blog he writes for, Games are Evil. (and no, I can't really understand any of the gaming bits; but I am really proud of him nonetheless--his article was editor's choice...which is awesome).

On Tuesday, the sun finally showed up! Obviously, the Freedom Trail had to happen.

[Eric at the start of the Freedom Trail in Boston Common]

[Eric's friend at the Old South Meeting House]

[Paddy O's ... delicious with Guinness]

[heading to the North End]

"What is he DOING?"
"I don't know, Eric...feeding the birds?"
"You mean feeding the Italians! BAM!"

[Copp Burying Grounds]

We then bought dee-licious panini from a place on Hanover street (prosciutto and mozzarella ftw!) and brought them back to lab for lab meeting. We also bought three kinds of cannoli and lobster tail pastry from Mike's and Modern to do a little comparison at lab meeting...Modern actually won for taste (although Eric liked the ambiance of Mike's better).

Wednesday was St. Patrick's day, and there was lab work as well as as lunch at Legal Seafood. I treated my brother to his lobster while enjoying my crab cake (you see, I don't really enjoy having to take apart my food...too much work). I had a few meetings that afternoon, so we actually didn't get out until about 10:30...thought that wasn't a bad thing! It was a beautiful night, so we walked across the river to Boston, wandering around Boylston Street people-watching.

And, of course, the only cop we see that night is carrying a pizza box with a grocery store clamshell filled with cupcakes on top. "Happy St. Patri------s" he faded off drunkily as he rounded the corner. The attire, anything from classy shirts and green ties (my favorite) to uggs with green striped socks, a mini skirt short enough to see a bit of arse cheek, muffin spilling over the top, and boobs bursting out of a reaaaalllly tight white shirt. With green mardi gras beads for "flair."

We ended up at a bar just across the river after wandering on Boylston Street; we each had a pint of Guiness and shared a green gash (Allagash) to celebrate. "A toast to siblings who get along."

[Boston on St. Patrick's Day...we missed the Prudential's
green lights, but ah well. The trip was worth it]

The next morning was sleeping in (because of course we had to watch one more episode of Dr. Quinn...Eric insisted! ...not). I made a big breakfast with bacon and eggs, and we brought it up to the penthouse to eat. I swear, it's the prettiest place to eat breakfast ever.

[last morning here--in the Penthouse. Love that view, oh goodness]

And then he left, and I was sad. But he'll be back!

More pictures are available through my flickr account (I only let friends view my pictures, so just email me or request me through flickr and I'll approve you).


Emily said...

Sounds like an awesome visit!

And it sounds like Eric and Randy would have lots to talk about regarding games (Randy worked for GAMBIT his senior year; they're a cool bunch of people.)

Pretty Little Pictures said...

Sounds awesome!!

Thank you so much for your lovely comment on my blog :) It means so much, and its comforting to hear other peoples stories of similar situations (even though its not a nice situation to be in).