Sunday, April 3, 2011

April 2011

Boston woke up to a lovely April Fool's Day snowfall.  What a way to welcome spring. 


Beautiful atomium rings from Ulalá (via)

 Excellent posters showing that history is sometimes more entertaining than the present!  (from Jenny Burrows, via)

The Aurora from Terje Sorgjerd on Vimeo.

Gorgeous timelapse of the aurora, from Norwegian photographer Terje Sorgjerd (via)

On the docket

--Taxes are done, so one wonderful thing to look forward to is not worrying about taxes. 

--Patriot's Day gardening up in the Penthouse.  Seeds have arrived, the google doc is up, and it is maybe thinking about getting warmer. 

--Cake Concert!  Even better, I'll be in the second row, thanks to the generosity of a close friend of mine.  Should be a blast.

--MIT 150 Convocation.  It's MIT's 150th Anniversary, and next Sunday will be spent rehearsing, playing, listening to speeches, all that.  The MIT Symphony Orchestra and all of the other student performing groups leave at 8 am on Sunday for Hynes Convention Center (the actual convocation doesn't start until 2 pm, though).  I feel bad for the students for whom this is their earliest wakeup call for the entire year. 

--Spring salads.  I made a thinly sliced radish salad with salsa and avocado yesterday, and wow.  I never thought I really liked radishes.  In fact, I love them.

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