Friday, April 29, 2011

Wills and Kate

 from the Boston Globe

Look at those smiles.  I guess I am wistfully into the pageantry and beauty of a day like this, the hopes and smiles of a prince and princess...but then I get jolted back into the world of nuclear meltdowns, a financial crisis, and incredibly pervasive unemployment.  I can't decide whether I want royals to fade further into the background, a relic of an age long-gone, certainly never something I will never have the opportunity to enjoy.  Do I still want to be that princess?  Despite my blushes at the thought of Prince Carl Philip of Sweden when I was 12, it is not a life I want, really.  Smiles, waves, nothing more than how does she dress, what did she wear, what a pretty smile...that would drive me mad.   Call me Paige, but I have other things to do.  Yet, I will always miss the hats. 

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