Saturday, April 16, 2011

spontaneous all-nighter

Sunrise over Boston this morning, 5:55 am.

Taking the first steps back towards the UK.

On the last day of a friend's trip to the states from England, we decided stay up all night until her flight left early this morning.  Impulsive and spontaneous, (read: completely unlike me) it was a wonderful all-nighter.

We started the evening with a beautiful chacuterie spread, including mango butter and goat cheese, quite possibly the best combination out there.  But, as time went on and I needed to bake brownies and make mousse for my study break today, we regressed to eating brownie batter with a spoon and cheetos.  No better way to end a trip to the US, obviously.  We ended up watching six episodes of Merlin as well as adoring a certain British gentleman in the final Vicar of Dibley.  I also learned the following vocabulary words:  bop, shandy, lemonade, class, prat, and about 75 more that I have unfortunately already forgotten.  I have also been suitably warned against Eton boys.

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