Sunday, June 5, 2011

June 2011

First--apologies for the radio silence (blog silence?).  It's been a very busy couple of weeks since DC, and my allergies have made life pretty hellish, and miserable.  Last Saturday was an unintentional allergy-induced Glee marathon.  Hulu even asked me "You've been watching for three hours; take a break?"  There I was, lying down on the couch, blearily watching those cheerful kids dance and sing (let's be serious, at my current state, the show used about 98% of available brain function)...and then my computer basically accuses me of being lazy.  Just what I needed, a reminder that I wasn't doing anything of real worth or consequence. And yesterday after a morning in the garden, I was completely down for the count and had to take twice as much allergy medication as you're supposed to to get my eyes to stop swelling.  Fabulous.  But, after a nap and a day's recovery spent indoors, I'm feeling a bit better.   Or maybe I'm just getting used to feeling like someone is grinding a potato masher on my face. 


The Art of Disney Animation: some beautiful stills and archives of studies done for Disney films; text is in French, but the films are pretty easy to discern...

John Singer Sargent's portrait of Eugenia Errazuriz and Leonardo da Vinci's La spapigliata (portrait of a young girl) --- separated at birth?

 Ikea and Star Wars.  From Sci-Fi Ikea Manuals.

 Corkboard wall map - genius.

 Things to do:

--Midsommar!  I cannot wait.  I just sent out the official invitation today. 

--wedding in Erie, PA, combined with a trip to see Niagara Falls. 

--Scooper Bowl!  Yum, ice cream.

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Sprite said...

Aw, sorry about the allergies! I'm excited to see photos of your garden, though, and I'd love to see some pics from DC. Great inspirational website too. I grabbed an image from the "Beauty and the Beast" gallery for my desktop.